National Curriculum English

National Curriculum and Textbook Board, also known as NCTB. Top institutes for the development and refinement of pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary level curricula and works for the development and refinement of textbooks and other learning materials in accordance with the national curriculum. In addition, NCTB conducts pre-primary, primary, secondary, ibtedayi, submission and vocational level textbook printing and distribution of free textbooks.

The Muhibur Rahman Academy, run by the Muhibur Rahman Foundation, offers English version of the National Curriculum in the following classes:

Pre-primary level- play-group, junior kg class, senior kg class.

Primary level- first, second, third, fourth and fifth class.

Secondary level- sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth class.

Higher Secondary Level- XI and XII (Science and Humanities)

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