Muhibur Rahman Academy Offers financial help and scholarship for meritorious & orphan students. This scholarship and financial help are allotted by Muhibur Rahman Foundation. Students who secure brilliant result in examinations are eligible for scholarship. Disabled Students' Allowances also provide extra financial help for disabled students.


Once admitted to Muhibur Rahman Academy, you are automatically considered for a limited number of general scholarships based on class performances, exam results and extra-curricular activities.

The strength of your academic performances is the deciding factor in receiving these scholarships and financial help from the foundation.


Once academic excellence is established, general scholarships may be awarded with additional preference for the skills, interests, and experiences. Examples include:

  • Being among the first in your family to attend School
  • Exceptional athletic and academic skills
  • From a specific disable region
  • Interest in certain academic areas
  • Exam performances and skills
  • Commitment to service

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